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About SBDigital’s Methods

From social media outreach to email and digital advertising, there are now more choices for digital campaigning than ever before. The SBDigital team will help you reach your audience wherever they go online via Facebook, Twitter, or even their individual IP address.

The SBDigital team will help you optimize and refine your goals and work backwards from them: who do we need to reach, why will they care, and what do we want them to do?

SBDigital’s system can target specific internet users within a specific household or business location, and deliver ads via virtually any website, whether cookies are turned on or not. Your matched targets will see your ads as many times as you choose, and you’ll only pay to reach the exact leads within your defined universe.

We refine campaigns daily, adjusting numerous parameters to optimize results: website, device, browser, time of day/day of week, frequency, page placement, ad format, message and much more.

Services that Power Your Communications

IP Targeted Digital Advertising

IP targeted advertising is the most innovative way to communicate 1-to-1 on the internet. Our platform matches your exact list of contacts to the IP address associated with them, sending ads directly to their computers.

Geo Targeted Digital Advertising

Geo targeting provides a wide variety of location, demographic and topical options. The granularity of targeting can range as broadly as reaching all individuals within a given geographical location, to as narrowly as only demographically-defined targets in that area.

Social Media Management

Engaging with your audience regularly on social media is crucial and SBDigital will help you develop and manage your online presence to craft the messaging that your audience most positively responds to.

Social Media Targeted Advertising

Using platforms from Facebook to Snapchat, SB Digital can tailor your social media campaign to reach and engage your audience like never before. SBDigital can target individuals based on interests, location, and more. Once we’ve engaged your targets, we can find like-minded people in their networks.

Web Design & Development

Whether you just need a splash page for a small campaign like a petition drive or a fully featured newest and most innovative technologies.

Email Communications

SBDigital will help grow and manage your outreach list through any type of email campaign, from fundraising and marketing to GOTV.

Click here to visit to see our suite of telephone outreach tools including Patch-through calls, Telephone Town Halls and more.

Case Studies

SBDigital’s unique messaging services can be tailored specifically to achieve your goals. Below are case study examples of how our services can help you reach your audience.

Advocacy & Engagement

SBDigital designed a digital and Telephone Town Hall outreach program to engage and activate the most important progressives in the state.

Persuasion & Turnout

SBDigital was enlisted to use multiple channels of communication to persuade and turn out a demographic in a high profile congressional district.


In an effort to exceed fundraising goals in the final week of a charitable donation campaign, the SBDigital team was enlisted to engage a group of target funders via IP targeted digital ads.

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