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The SBDigital Story

In 2010, Switchboard Communications was founded as a phones firm. After years of seeing most Democratic digital firms almost exclusively using digital for fundraising, and not leveraging digital data and targeting for voter outreach and communication, Switchboard Communications launched SBDigital, dedicated to using digital advertising for voter outreach and turnout. Our team comes from the political campaign world, with a background in field, data, digital communications, and creative. 

We specialize in targeted digital communication and are leaders in developing programs that efficiently engage audiences for electoral objectives (persuasion and mobilization) as well as brand promotion and organizing (supporter acquisition, fundraising, and visibility). Our expertise pairs new and evolving technology with proven messaging tactics, testing, and constant program optimization. 

The digital landscape is always evolving and our team is constantly learning and applying our knowledge, expertise, and years of experience of implementing new tools to meet our objectives. Unlike many other political firms, we do not staff down in the off year, which allows us, capacity-wise, to train and develop staff in preparation of handling multiple races and projects during an on year.


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