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SBD is passionate about building an experienced, thoughtful team that will build a game-changing digital program for your campaign or organization. 

Bret Wask

Managing Partner

Sulli Norris-Cole


John Griffiths

President & Chief Operating Officer

Heather Nanney

Executive Assistant

Greg Richardson

Senior Vice President

Zandria Haines

SENIOR Vice President

Chris Bachman

SENIOR Vice President

Niamba Baskerville

Director of Advertising

Nicolas Magalhaes

Vice President of Video Creative

Alex Schaffer

Vice president of digital fundraising

Sam Sterling

Vice President

Kiara Allen

Lead Graphic Designer

Lucas Anderton

Director of Creative Design

Stefan Bordeianu

Digital Associate

Hannah Brashers

Email & Social Media Manager

Ro Brooks

Video & Motion Graphics Editor

Samantha Cali

Project manager

Mike Carroll-Swanger

Digital Advertising & Social Media Strategist

Kayla Cox

Political Communications Project Manager

Taylor Githens

Senior Digital Associate

Olivia Gupta

Email & Social Media Associate

Abigail Kiefer

Digital Fellow

DeLancey Lane

Senior project manager

Danny Lizarraga

Design fellow

Jae Masino

Digital Fellow

Edward Mikkelson

Email & Social Media Associate

Tea Wask

Digital Fellow


Aaron Rouse for Virginia Senate

In January 2023, Aaron Rouse was elected to the Virginia Senate with a 696 vote margin, flipping a seat from Republican to Democrat in a Special Election. Rouse’s victory expanded the precarious one-seat Democratic majority and solidified a pro-choice majority, creating a firewall against Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin’s attacks on women’s reproductive freedoms.

SBDigital was a proud partner on the campaign, providing mobilization and persuasion advertising online and through Connected TV.


NARAL: Roe v. Wade Rapid Response

Following the overturning of Roe vs Wade, SBDigital partnered with NARAL to launch a digital advertising campaign in 4 key states – Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania – between August and September 2022. The goal of this C3 program was ultimately to drive voter turnout in support of abortion rights and maintain message salience regarding the extremism of the Supreme Court’s decision. NARAL employed Intervl to measure the impact and effectiveness of SBDigital’s campaign with regard to engaging voters and enlisting their support for Democratic & pro-choice candidates in the 2022 Midterm Elections.


Earthjustice: Trash Heap of History

In August of 2022, a document was leaked to the press outlining a deal between Senator Joe Manchin and Congressional leadership, to be included in two separate must-pass spending bills, that was a gift to Big Oil — expediting the permitting process, forcing the approval of the Mountain Valley Pipeline, and possibly most nefarious of all, limiting the environmental review of pipeline projects.

In a matter of days, we turned around a hard-hitting video demanding Congress reject this plan. Through a massive advertising blast focused on activating these environmental voters, we served Connected TV and pre-roll video ads to activists from September to December, urging targets to contact their elected officials, demanding they reject this deal. 

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